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3 Hot Cup Designs To Greet Your Customers With This Winter!

3 Hot Cup Designs To Greet Your Customers With This Winter!

The snow season is almost here and soon your café will be flooded with people in their thermal wear lining up to enjoy a steaming cup of brew. It is peak season for you and this is the time you should show your appreciation for the folks with some great disposable cups for hot drinks customizations!

Now, you might wonder why that is important. Well, for one it makes a tremendous welcome for all your customers and also looks fun – just the kind of make over your festive season needs. Now, let’s take a look at the designs in question –

1. Rudolf – The Ultimate Christmas Companion

Any Christmas themed hot cup is always best when it is matched with the wintery enthusiasm of Rudolf the Reindeer. There are a million avatars of this iconic Christmas character and everything about him makes you want to burst into a joyful glee.

Sometimes you might even add on a little bit of Santa, just so Rudolf does not feel alone on all his little coffee adventures. And do not forget to add the colors red and white, just so everything looks a bit more festive.

2. Candy Themed Hot Drink Cups

Candy is a good theme for all things happy and your coffee cups could use that as an advantage this coming season. In fact, to make things more interesting, you can add a couple of candies for every cup of hot brew.

Keep things colorful and do not forget to add a lovely tagline with the whole theme! For whipped cream cuppas in disposable hot beverage cups, one can even make designs and coffee art on the brew itself!

3.The Snowman Cup Theme

The snowman has always been everyone’s winter best friend then why would you not want to include it in your coffee cups. The carrot for a nose and twigs for arms, this guy will bring loads of fun to your Christmas themed cups and that is something that you cannot leave out.

These are the 3 hot paper cups wholesale customs that you can introduce this festive season. It is going to make your customers smile and fill your coffers. So, get in touch with custom cup manufacturers right now to place the bulk orders!

P.S. – Make sure you make great coffee – having a fancy cup never justifies a bad one.


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