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3 Messages To Use On Your Personalized Wedding Cups

3 Messages To Use On Your Personalized Wedding Cups

Weddings are an occasion to be celebrated big and loud. However, most of the glitz and glamour can be attributed to the guests who attend the wedding. Most of the times, we forget to thank them for their attendance. But here is a brilliant idea that will make them extremely happy and feel important (and remember your wedding all their life!). You can give them customized cups with personalized messages written on the same. but what kind of messages should you use? Keep reading to find out.

A Thank You Note

Simple and effective, this is the best way to show your gratitude to someone. You can use different fonts and styles to write it down on the cups. The best would be to go for a white background with a dark font so as to get the message shine out. It also looks sleek and sophisticated. You can get frost flex cups wholesale from top wholesalers of the same.

The Names Of The Guests

Answering to someone with their name is always considered as something personal and friendly. So if you want to thank the guests for showing up at your wedding, you can customize the cups with their names written on it. You can provide the name list to the wholesalers of personalized frosted cups for they will get the job done at an affordable price.

A Witty Slogan About Love And Relationship

If both you and your spouse share a good sense of humor, you can let the world get on it by giving the guests cups with witty slogans about love and relationship. Since you have achieved a milestone, show off is just a part of it. Make sure to get your wit out and write such quotes which will make your guests remember your wedding for a lifetime.

So, utilize the ideas and treat your wedding guests to something wonderful and useful! To get the frosted plastic cups for a wedding, you can register with top wholesalers of the same. You can pick a design for the cups and provide them the motif to get stunning results. You can place a bulk order as well for a discounted price!



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