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3 Reasons Why You Need a Photo Cup Booth At Your Café!

3 Reasons Why You Need a Photo Cup Booth At Your Café!

Customized cups are the very bedrock on which the coolness of cafes are built, and it is an utmost necessity for every café owner to have it. However, photo cups are the new flagship models of cup customization and if you want to take things up a notch, then you need them in your store as well.

But it is only natural that you know what you are getting into and that is why we have brought you 3 reasons why you need personalized photo cups in your café!

1. It Helps Creates Memories

If you had a photo cup booth at your café, you could help customers have lifelong memories. All you need to do is get your coffee cups customized with different tag lines like “Best Friends Forever”, “Arch rivals in love”, “Till death do us part” and the likes on one side of your cups.

On the other side, you can leave a white space where customers can get their picture together printed and take the cup as souvenir or memory. It is a simple and yet thoughtful idea which makes it even more brilliant.

2. It Creates A Personal Experience

Putting the memory part aside, you can very well gauge at the kind of experience it will create. It’s a meet cute thing and everyone from first dates to college friends who are meeting after decades can have a gala time with each other.

Also, it makes for a tremendous icebreaker when you need something to get out of that awkwardness and be better with easy flowing conversation and a memory to show for it.

3. Good Branding Is Always A Thought Away

Maybe you are think that your branding is going out of the window – but that is far from the truth. All you need is a cool idea – and you can add a small logo of your café with the name at the corner of every photo cup you make. It will be something your customers will never forget – and you need to start applying it!

Also, if you want to up your sales a lot, then you can just put offers like ‘2 beverages plus one side will give you a free photo cup’. For people who are not going to order sides, they can always pay an extra few bucks to make a memory.

The ideas are ingenious, and every personalized photo cup will make your business more unique and offer a fresh experience – something other people do not!

So, what are you waiting for? Get custom printed disposable coffee cups now!


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