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4 Custom Frost Flex Cup Summer Ideas To Help Your Customers Beat The Heat!

4 Custom Frost Flex Cup Summer Ideas To Help Your Customers Beat The Heat!

Running a food joint these days is not an easy job, because people are always on the lookout for something new and exciting, and you have to have something to offer, if you want to do the same. But, you don’t have to worry, because we have your back – by the end of this blog, we will give you 4 solid custom cup ideas, just so you can help your customers beat the heat in style.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the creative designs you could use on your personalized frost flex cups, bulk ordered from manufacturers –

1. The Tropical Fruits Design

Everyone likes to imagine themselves wearing gambler hats and floral prints, sipping pina coladas on tropical beaches with palm and coconut trees bordering the white sand that leads up to the azure waters of the ocean – that’s always the ‘beat the heat’ dream. If you can recreate that with pictures of tropical fruits, waters, and beaches on your custom frost flexed cups that serve cool drinks, then you will definitely hit the spot with your customers and sell a lot better.

2. The Ice Cream Design

Ice creams are a favorite for summers and if you are serving beat the heat drinks with a dollop of ice cream, then this is definitely the design you should have on your frosted cups bulk orders. You could make it more graphic with colorful stick and cone ice cream prints and snow fall to complement the whole scenario. Some bright colors like yellow, blue, and pink go well with the whole motif and is definitely going to make your customers feel the chill.

3. Snow Capped Scenery Designs

Another way to start musings in the minds of your customers is by using snowcapped sceneries on your bulk ordered custom frost flex cups. Imagine a peak covered in snow as little graphic crystals pour downwards and the whole tone is set with the exciting color of the mocktail within! If this is not good enough for a cup that is made to help people feel the chill, then what is?

4. The Surfer’s Paradise Design

Nothing looks better on a custom cup than a daredevil surfer riding the wave like a boss – and that is definitely going to give anyone the travel goals. In fact, just imagine drinking blue mocktails in a surfer design printed cup and you will know what we are talking about.

In fact, not just these 4, you can go for the ‘diver with a mocktail underwater’ design or ‘animals going for a swim’ design and you would still hit jackpot motif with your frost flex cups wholesale. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the sales figures better with these beat the heat cup designs – order your custom frost flex cups NOW!


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