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5 Things To Remember While Buying Custom Printed Disposable Plastic Cups Online

5 Things To Remember While Buying Custom Printed Disposable Plastic Cups Online

Whether it comes to serving hot or cold drinks, disposable plastic cups are possibly the best things to serve those in. These days, many businesses are getting these cups custom printed with their brand logo, name etc, so as to make their venture more visible to a wider target customer base and generate the kind of responses or recall value that is needed. In many cases, these cups are also custom printed with a call to action message to promote a product or service quickly. Here are 5 important things that you have to find out before you purchase custom printed disposable plastic cups online.

Know the wholesale discount rates

It is important that you find out what kind of discounts will be offered to you when you satisfy the minimum order criteria, and buy in bulk. Online stores are ready to offer custom printed plastic disposable cups at discounted rates when you buy in bulk, but the discount rates tend to vary across stores. Some offer 10% while others offer less or more, and you have to compare the discount percentage along with the minimum order quantity criteria, to make an affordable purchase.

Know about types of cups on offer

You have to find out what kind of custom printed disposable plastic cups USA are actually on offer for customers, and whether there are single walled, doubled walled or custom coupon cups on offer for buyers. You need to choose the kind of cup that satisfies the needs of your business the best. If you intend to get cups only for brand promotion, coupon cups might be the best option. However, you have to ensure that these are available from the supplier in high quality.

Know the reputation

It is important that you conduct some background research and ensure that the manufacturer / supplier has been in the business of cup printing and sales for at least some time now. When you order from a long-timer, you can be more or less assured of the quality of the cups that you get.

Know the delivery time

Find out whether the company will be able to ship orders fast, and deliver the order quickly to your destination, which is important if you need to use them fast at an event.

Know the shipping charges

It is also important that you find out whether or not the company will charge some shipping expenses, which has to be factored in over and above the price that you have to pay for the purchase of the cups.

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