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7 Tips To Help You Select Your Perfect Custom Cup Manufacturer!

7 Tips To Help You Select Your Perfect Custom Cup Manufacturer!

Custom foam cups are a necessity in today’s day and age and one might need it anytime in case parties or events were in line. But how does one select a custom cup manufacturer that will give them all the benefits when it comes to producing cups? The answer isn’t easy, but it is definitely doable and will benefit you in the long run. Want to know it? Take a look at the 7 tips that will help you make your choices and benefit the partnership in the process!

1. Get Someone Of Repute And Check Review

Cups might be low budget products, but manufacturers always go for bulk orders and that makes it a considerable amount of money. Considering that your custom order isn’t off the charts, you could still be looking at some significant payment. When money is a prime concern, it is always an intelligent decision to go for producers that have a word of mouth reputation or comes with a great list of reviews online. Look for third party reviews and make sure you find it believable!

2. Find Out Their Custom Variation

A lot of people don’t have the infrastructure to give you much in terms of variation. So, if you have something rather complex to customize, you wouldn’t want them to try and fail, since this is also about your reputation. Instead, you can just find someone who has the infrastructure to deliver all kinds of custom Styrofoam cups and things will be a lot easier in general!

3. Get A Clear Idea About Their Delivery Time

Delivery times can always be a major let down and if you want to make sure that doesn’t happen, get the negotiations for delivery out of the way, right in the beginning. Once you have that sorted, things will be much easier. Also, keep in mind to set delivery time a few days before you actually need it, in case of any unforeseen delay; it could happen to the best manufacturers and no one does it on purpose!

4. Find Out Minimum Order Quantity

Having to back off from a manufacturer because they have a high minimum order quantity is quite disappointing. There are many people who won’t need that many cups and there is simply no reason why anyone should go and buy extra in this case. So, get the minimum order questions out of the way and always go for ones that don’t need you order in massive quantities.

5. Prices Should Be Negotiable

This one has to be one of the benefits. If you cannot negotiate prices or get a discount on Styrofoam cups bulk orders, then there is no point in it. One of the main reasons why large retailers buy directly from manufacturers is because they get the cheapest rate. So, when you find your custom cup manufacturer, make sure you avail some discounts before placing your orders.

6. Best Artists Are A Must

When you opt for a custom cup producer, always choose the one that sends you the best artwork for approval. That way, your cups will have an aesthetic appeal and will reach out to more people in general. This said, the artwork must not fall under the lines of ‘great’ only; they should also be very relevant to your custom theme. A good thing to do is send them a rough vector design in the beginning so that they know what to base their artwork on and give you the most satisfactory result.

7. Active Customer Service

During the whole ordering process, make sure that your custom cup manufacturer has a customer service and contact info that is easily accessible and follows back to clarify your queries. This will make it a lot easier for you to go through the whole transaction and make a deal and partnership, you will be proud of.

Follow these 7 tips and you will find your perfect match for the custom cups manufacturer online. Keep all of the tips in mind and value the producer accordingly.



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