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Buying Custom Hot Cups Is NO Science (BUT You’re Still Doing It Wrong)

Buying Custom Hot Cups Is NO Science (BUT You’re Still Doing It Wrong)

In lack of required attention due to the sense of ease ahead, it’s in the unlikeliest of things do we make mistakes. For instance, take example of buying custom hot cups. How difficult could it be? You visit a website, select your wholesale, provide them a personalized design (if any), and place your order. Easy-peasy!

However, less you know, in the mix of this process does lie a big room to make silly mistakes. What if the quality of the printed hot cups is poor and it doesn’t hold up soup properly? What if the surface gets really hot when poured inside some refreshing green tea? What if there’s a leakage at the bottom? What if the cup doesn’t provide a comfortable grip?

Imagine the response of the person handling the cup. So busy in making sure not to spill any on themselves (and, of course, in cursing the makers), they wouldn’t pay any heed to the personalized print, let alone reading your brand name and admiring your logo.

So, if you’re looking to order the wholesale of custom hot paper cups, you should put on your glasses and tread ahead carefully. It isn’t science. But that doesn’t call in for carelessness, does it?

So, here the 3 common mistakes people make when purchasing their custom hot cups:

1. Treating Every Cup As Same

Surprise, surprise – not every paper cup is the same. There come many types, and those types have their distinct varieties. Each have their unique features and specifications. And, a lot also depends on the kind of supplier you’re buying your bulk from. So, when shopping for printed hot cups, be considerate of the type you’re going for. Know your individual requirement first and then pick cups that best suit your demand.

2. Looking For The Cheapest Variety

If someone didn’t already tell you this then here’s a breaking news for you—high quality doesn’t come at cheap. There’s always a trade-off between the two. So, if you want high-quality custom hot paper cups, you must be ready to pay for it the rightful.

That being said though, here, at Cust-A-Cup, we understand you might have a limited budget. To deliver you on your needs and budget adequately, not only do we offer our collection at the most competitive pricing but also take lowest Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) orders. Amazing, isn’t it?

3. Overlooking What Would Go In It

You’re buying hot cups – but what would really go inside it? After all, there are many hot fluids that we can pour inside. Factoring this aspect is important. Because, for example, not every variety of cup can contain hot soup for long; or, not every variety can provide comfy handling of scalding water and tea. So again, be very sure of how these cups will be employed and only then make your purchasing decision.

These are 3 mistakes buyers make when ordering custom hot cups bulk. Don’t be one of them! Like mentioned, it isn’t science. But there sure isn’t any room for carelessness.



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