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Custom Plastic Cups Could Be The Main Attraction At Your Cafe!

Custom Plastic Cups Could Be The Main Attraction At Your Cafe!

Cafe and plastic cups are almost synonymous in their existence and no café exists without having plastic cups. Yet, in most cases, the cups might just come with the logo of the café itself and nothing more on it. Quite a waste of their custom plastic cups and one could very easily change things into more intriguing ways. How you ask? Well, here’s an idea for you that is going to totally hook your customers for the better and you could thank later. Let’s take a look –

The Color Series

According to some famous psychology journals, a lot can be revealed by the type of color they pick. So, all you need to do is start a new line of personality coffee that will be served in custom plastic cups of 8 different colors, namely, white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and brown. When someone asks for a coffee in the new personality line, your menu card should offer them their choice of coffee and the color they will choose out of the 8 types of glasses.

Now, when you order for the personalized plastic cups with manufacturers, ask them to print your logo on a smaller scale and write what the choice of color says about their personality. It will be a great enigma for men and women, and it is something they will have to try. However, to keep the mystery alive in your personality series, you need to follow certain precautions so that the secret does not get revealed. For one thing, you can ask the people ordering the personality series to not talk about it with other customers so that the whole point remains.

Also, to increase your business graph, you should price the personality coffee series a little higher. That way, you get something out of the special series and your customers also tend to feel that it is more of a reward than just regular coffee and personality prediction.

Another way to conceal the personality traits from regular customers is making the cups’ temperature sensitive. That means, the analysis will only show when the temperature of the coffee is at the desired place and then it will start to fade.

Here’s a few more tips on how to make this idea work –

1. Always Make Sure That The Personality Giveaway Is Something Quirky And Fun

Don’t just print formally written sentences about the color choice personality test. Rather use quirky lines for an added fun effect. If people wanted a detailed write up on their personality, they would see a shrink, not drink coffee.

2. Make It Short – Preferably One Liners Or Two Liners

It’s fun to read that way and people have this feeling of asking for more when they read something short. In fact, you can tap into your regular customers by introducing the ‘personality line loyalty collection’; all they would have to do is order coffee from the line for 3 or 5 consecutive days and each day, a new trait will be revealed according to the first day’s color choice. That way, they will keep ordering all of it until they get the whole scoop about their personality. Also, remember to get the personality data according to color choice from a reliable source, so that a standard level of accuracy is maintained. Additionally, you can use custom 12oz pet cup for the series, so that your customers get a little extra of what they pay for – and it will seem like a fair deal to them.

This is probably one of the most unique ways of marketing your coffee and making sure that people get more than just a cup of brew. So, what are you still waiting for?

P.S. – if you like the idea, then keep watching this space for more such advice!


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