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Shatterproof Glass Cups

Shatterproof Glass Cups

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Shatter Proof Glass – 10oz – Rocks Glass

Shatter Proof Glass – 12oz

Shatter Proof Glass – 16oz

Shatter Proof Glass – 24oz

Shatter Proof Glass – 2oz

Shatter Proof Glass – 5oz

These new Tritan Cups are so tough you can stand on it, squeeze it, drop it and it won’t crack, chip, or shatter.  No matter what you throw at it…Tritan can take it and maintain its glass-like appearance.

Plus, you get to put your logo on it.  With Tritan Cups your logo and brand get noticed every time a drink is served in it.  Our private label process uses cutting-edge UV printing technology that will magnificently display your brand on our Shakers and Tumblers.  Our cutting–edge technology pushes your brand awareness to the front…where it belongs.Tritan as a material is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.