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How Customized Cups Can Help Your Brand’s Image?

How Customized Cups Can Help Your Brand’s Image?

Everybody likes a little something as a token of appreciation. The souvenir could be anything; from a badge to some other keepsake. For business owners, this is a great way to create goodwill and trust.

However, there lies a little problem!

Most souvenirs are often locked and loaded in some corner of the home or office where it loses its value in no time. But, all of that depends on what the item is.

An easy hack around this would be to make a brand souvenir that has some sort of utility; that is likely to be in front of your customers when they choose to use them. One such item is promotional cups! Here’s a

look at a few ideas –

Stadium Cups

These plastic cups are a perfect gift for your customer. They come in different colors and will have your brand logo embedded on its surface.

It will ensure that every time they sip a mojito or iced tea, they will always be reminded of your good natured gesture.

If that doesn’t bring your customers back, we can only wish your more good luck!

Introduce custom stadium cups with each buy for your new and loyal customers and see your store’s footfall soar high!

Paper Cups Promotion

You could have anything from a company to a restaurant and you would need paper cups. Like everybody else. So, why not utilize this in a better way.

Rather than just putting up plain white cups that everyone just dumps into the dust bin, you could use printed paper cups with your logo.

This way, even if it ends up in the garbage, it will have subconsciously imprinted your brand’s logo into the minds of the people. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Quirky Brand Messages Cups

One could always add some quirky messages on their logo branded cups that they serve their customers with. In an age when social media rules supreme, if it’s funny enough, people will share them online.

Or they could just share their pictures, holding or drinking from your cups! Great marketing strategy, don’t you think?

But wait, there’s more!

Some of the best American custom cup manufacturers take minimum orders of as low as just 5000 pieces. Also, since you are buying in bulk, you get the best rates!

All you have to do is let them know about it for a few weeks in advance. Pretty cool ain’t it? Well, what are you still waiting for?

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