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Designer Ideas For Styrofoam Cups To Choose From!

Designer Ideas For Styrofoam Cups To Choose From!

Styrofoam cup has time and again been used as a safe alternative to the plastic disposable cups. Business owners who plan to expand the collection of such cusp in their store can invest in custom printed Styrofoam cups wholesale that are available for cost-effective rates.

You can browse through the online collection of a popular supplier and select from an array of designer cups that the manufacturer has come up with. Therefore, read on the blog below to find out about such printed cups, perfect for your business needs.

  1. For formal events, the best design to choose from is either incorporating the initials of the commercial client or simply selecting the signature hues for a classic approach. These are a great option, especially if the client is looking for a minimalist creative appeal. You can even play with metallic and dark hues that are great for bold designs.
  2. You can make your ideas run wild for birthdays! From funky colors to quotes and even the picture of the recipient there are so many cool options to choose from. Think about a fun pattern or a theme that the customer will love.
  3. Do you want to design cups for a wedding order? In this case you need to keep certain aspects in mind. Firstly, the size that the customers prefer, the colors that has been decided as the theme of the wedding and thirdly, the amount of cups that you need to churn out for the order. You do not want to go overboard with the print, especially if it’s a small order, lest it will be hard for you to earn a profit margin.
  4. Outdoor events are slowly catching up this spring season. This means there will be an expansive demand for the disposable cups as well. In this case, you can offer your customers funky themed cups in cool leaf and floral motifs. Depending on the size you can experiment with the designs as well. Therefore, make sure to communicate the design needs with the customer for the same.

One of the popular suppliers of custom Styrofoam cups wholesale has designed an assortment that you can have a look through. Make sure to reach out to the creative team and communicate your design need to the suppliers. Business owners can even avail cool discounts on the wholesale investment as well.

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