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Dining Etiquettes: The Proper Way To Use A Dining Napkin

Dining Etiquettes: The Proper Way To Use A Dining Napkin

Whether you are dining in a casual setting with your friend or with the president of the country, some proper dining etiquette needs to be followed. Even when the dining etiquettes may vary depending on the kind of event, people, setting you are engaged in, the basic dining napkin manners remain the same regardless of the above-mentioned factors.

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Given below are the basic dining napkin etiquettes that you should be following at your next important dining event.

When the napkin should be placed on your lap

When you are attending any significant event, particularly a formal one, it is customary that you follow the lead of the host or the other person who has invited you to dine. Grabbing your napkin, placing it on your lap as soon as the food arrives when your host hardly had a look at the food lying on the table will not really leave a very good impression of you. So that’ a big “NO-NO”! However, there can be exceptions like when you are having a particular business dine out without any particular host or hostess, or say casual dining out in some hotel or restaurant, you can place the napkin on your lap as soon as the food is set on the table.

How to use the napkin ring

The purpose of using a napkin ring in old days was to identify whose napkin was whose before weekly washings in order to demonstrate better hygiene practices. Now in case, the question of a napkin ring arises in your dine-out, what should you be doing in such a situation? Slowly and carefully slide the napkin ring towards you, pulling the napkin up. After that gently place the napkin ring to the left side above your place setting and begin unfolding it like you usually would.

Rules to follow while unfolding a dining napkin

You should display both elegance and grace while unfolding a napkin, taking it from the table and placing it on your lap. In fact, keep in mind these 3 important rules while unfolding one.

  • If you are presented with a large dining napkin then softly open it just halfway without making a hurry or fidgeting with it, always remember that unfolding the napkin should be done out of the other people’s sight, i.e below the table. You will appear as an unsophisticated person if you do it above the table in everyone’s view.
  • If the napkin is folded in a triangular shape then gently unfold it and refold it in a rectangle. In this way, the napkin will completely cover your lap and will protect your dress from any accidental food or beverage dripping.
  • In case the napkin is a small one, you can go ahead and open it fully before eventually placing it on your lap.

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