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Disposable Cups As Branding Tools Have Made Companies Big Brands

Disposable Cups As Branding Tools Have Made Companies Big Brands

Disposable plastic cups are not just used in restaurants and eateries – they are also used by beverage giants and one would be remiss not to admit its contribution to the success of the brand. But how did it work? What plan was devised to become it so iconic? Let’s discuss it in detail.

When you hear about custom soda cups, the first thing that comes to mind is your favorite soft drink brand and its designed cup. This imagery has become almost synonymous to the word soda cup and that is a huge part of their success. Let’s take a look at how it works so well –

It Creates a Mental Image Of Association

Soda cups will always be brand specific in your mind – and this is because of the way our brain works. When we see the same thing every day for years, we form a kind of association of that image to the word.

This is how big brands like Pepsi and Coke made it happen, and you can too. However, there is one thing to learn from their ways. When you see a custom disposable cup with a Coke or Pepsi branding, it does not seem like an ad.

Rather it looks like that’s how the glass or cup is supposed to look – and this is what you should aim for. Make your branded 12 oz custom soda cups look like it was born with your logo on it – keep it simple, and it shall work.

It’s Constant In Theme With Minor Changes

When a brand starts getting recognized by people and having loyal customers, they do not change their logos that often. In fact, even when they do, it is more of a rework rather than radical change, and there is a reason for it.

In this ever-changing life where almost all things are temporary, people like to have a few memories. This is one of the reasons that even today when a Pepsi fan looks at the logo of the brand on a 16 oz custom soda cups, it reminds him/her of the fond memories they had with the same kind of glass in hand – sipping once at a time or gulping down.

Brands want to capitalize on the beauty of human memory and nostalgia because it makes people feel the same kind of trust and love for their choice. If you start hitting a note of popularity with your branded plastic cups, then this is what you should do, too.

The above reasons go for custom paper cups too and now that you know why a trick worked and still is doing its part, you can use it for yours, too! Keeping an open vision and mind makes you receptive to a lot of things and you should always use them for your own benefit!


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