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Features To Look For Before Purchasing Custom Dinner Napkins

Features To Look For Before Purchasing Custom Dinner Napkins

Gone are the days where commodity paper napkins were the only other alternatives to traditional cloth napkins. Today, you can find a unique range of dinner napkins that boasts of amazing quality and great price. Therefore, let’s find out in the blog below a quick guide to purchasing the best qualitycustom cups and napkins available for your retail needs.

Napkin Size

Most dinner napkins come in a square shape. They can be as small as 30 cm to 30 cm, or as large as 65 cm to 65 cm. The stated size of the dinner napkin can either be the unfolded size or the folded size. The size of dinner napkins you select will depend on your personal preferences and requirements. As far as preferences are concerned, most people like the idea of using small- sized dinner napkins that take up little space on the table. That being said, different meals call for different sized napkins. For light dinner meals, you can pick the 30 cm x 30 cm dinner napkins.

Napkin Material

Napkins can be made from quite a few different types of materials. Cotton, linen, cotton blends, linen blends, and polyester are some of the common choices for dinner napkin material. Fabric napkins tend to cost a little more. However, it is completely worth it to spend your money on fabric napkins, since they are machine washable and can be reused over and over again. Besides, fabric napkins look absolutely gorgeous. They have a smoother texture and appear quite classy. If looks are not too important to you, then the impressive durability of fabric napkins is another thing that should catapult this item to the top of your shopping list.

Napkin Design

Contrary to common belief, a dinner napkin does not necessarily have to be plain white, boring, and mundane. Dinner napkins are available in a multitude of colors. You are advised to choose a color that serves as a contrast to the color of your table cloth. For example, if you have a plain white table cloth, then a dark green dinner napkin would look absolutely marvelous on top of that. Dinner napkins can be embossed with monograms to look even more magnificent.

So, if you wish to invest in private label custom cups and napkins for your retail purposes, make sure to get in touch with the help team and communicate your bulk needs. You can find a plethora of variants priced at reasonable wholesale rates.

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