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Getting Up And Personal With The Customers With Printed Coffee Cups

Getting Up And Personal With The Customers With Printed Coffee Cups

How do you stand out in a world where consumers and potential customers are increasingly ignoring all the most straightforward types of advertising?

To advertise, you simply use customized disposable coffee cups.

Okay, so that might seem like a bit of a jump, but stick with us—we’ll explain why custom printed cups should endure and prosper in one of the most difficult periods in advertising history.


Eventually, one of the big issues consumers have with traditional ads is that they are ineffective. They only serve one purpose: to promote the brand. Custom printed cups, on the other hand, have a legitimate use and are therefore much more likely to be embraced by customers.

There will be no muting, ad-blocking, or other similar strategies

When using the internet, consumers can ban advertisements; when watching television, they can mute or change the channel… What will they do, though, to obscure their perception of the branding on custom printed cups? There is nothing. The advertisement is there, and if they want to use the cup, they will see it. Furthermore, they won’t mind because the logo on custom printed cups is just as unobtrusive as it gets.


Assume you waste a lot on a television commercial. The advertisement would most likely air for around 30 seconds before disappearing from public view the next time it appears. Usually, you’ll have to pay a lot of money just for those 30 seconds.

However, with custom printed cups, the company and coffee cup style is front and center in the customer’s mind for at least 20 minutes—it is literally right under their nose. For the duration of the drink, they will be handling the cups, drinking from them, and being reminded of the business or brand you are attempting to promote. So, which is more valuable: a forgettable 30-second commercial or a whole 20 minutes of continuous, gentle exposure?

If you’re looking for a means of advertisement or promotion that can overcome even the most adamant modern anti-ad stance, then custom disposable plastic cups are unquestionably the best choice. Speak with a well-known and trustworthy supplier today about the coffee cup printing business and how the company may be able to assist you. Place your order eventually. 

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