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How To Choose The Best Dinner Napkin For Your Bulk Needs?

How To Choose The Best Dinner Napkin For Your Bulk Needs?

Dinner napkins are so underrated. They beautify our dinner tables and add a touch of sophistication to the meals. These are available in a variety of variants and are a chic alternative to the one time use only paper napkins.

If you are looking for bulk custom dinner napkins for your store, then one of the popular suppliers will help you out with the creative needs. Meanwhile, let’s read on the blog below to find out more about how to choose the best dinner napkins for your business in the blog below.


Dinner napkins have three practical purposes that it can be used for. . They are used to prevent spillages, mop up spillages, and keep your mouths and fingers clean during a meal. They are particularly useful during meals where people really like to dig into the food. Whether you are having a simple veggie sandwich or a roasted turkey, dinner napkins should always be at your disposal.

Napkin Size

Most of the dinner napkins are designed in a square shape. They can be as small as 30 cm to 30 cm, or as large as 65 cm to 65 cm. At the online stores, the stated size of the dinner napkin can either be the unfolded size or the folded size. The size of dinner napkins you select for the business will depend on the brand’s preferences and requirements.  

Napkin material

Dinner napkins can be made from quite a few different types of materials. Cotton, linen, cotton blends, linen blends, etc. You can also find wholesale cost effective fabric napkins online. These napkins have a smoother texture and appear quite classy. These have a smooth texture and are quite durable too. Both linen and cotton are great choices. However, you are recommended to go for the linen, because it has a more crisp appearance and feel than its cotton counterpart.

Napkin design

You don’t have to always choose the common designs like plain white which are boring, and mundane. In fact, dinner napkins can be used to make your dinner table much more colorful, vibrant, and lively. Wholesale dinner napkins are available in a multitude of colors. You are advised to choose a color that serves as a contrast to the color of your table cloth. Dinner napkins can be embossed with logos to look even more magnificent.

Are you looking for custom cocktail napkins with logo for your store? Find the best variants at the online store of a popular supplier. Communicate the wholesale needs to the help team to get discounts on the bulk investment as well.

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