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How You Can Increase Plastic Cup Sales in Your Departmental Store?

How You Can Increase Plastic Cup Sales in Your Departmental Store?

Plastic cups have adorned super market aisles over the years and come in so many different sizes; yet, in most cases, only the regular sized are sold while the others sit on the stack for days hoping that someone will come to pick them up. Sounds like a children’s animated movie, doesn’t it? But unfortunately, this one isn’t made up.

The cups maybe inanimate and don’t really care about being sold or sitting on the stacks, but you as a retailer definitely do! In a best-case scenario, you would want to sell all your plastic cup stocks equally and make sure your customers are interested in just more than one size. But how would you do that?

Change Your Plastic Cup Design!

Changing one’s plastic cup designs of the less saleable sizes could be of help. No, you cannot change the make of cups and how they work, but you can definitely make it exciting by printing new messages or quirky taglines on the cup stacks to attract customers. And It doesn’t cost a lot more either. There are plastic cup wholesale companies that offer the best quality customs at the almost same prices and it is also going to up your sales value. In the long run, you will see more business coming in with more sales rather than having a tad bit cheaper cups sitting on aisles for ever and people pass by and take only the utility cups.

You Could Also Give Clients More Options

Many clients come in with big orders for plastic cups because they have parties or events to coordinate. When that happens you can ask them for design and custom ideas that they would like for their event and then order it with manufacturers who produce custom printed plastic cups. This way you will soon be able to market your business as one that provides customizations of pre and bulk orders – of course you need to take care of delivery time since you need to make the order with reputed producers.

If you put together these few tips then your plastic cup sales are bound to go up. In fact, people might start coming for those items alone and not just pick it up while getting their monthly groceries. The reason? Because your plastic cup aisle is different and you even take orders for big events when given before a stipulated time. Because then you will have to brief the manufacturer and get things done in quick time!

Now, get your act together and try to make those dormant aisles active with better business strategies!

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