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The Journey Of A Custom Styrofoam Cup – From Foam To Dinner Table!

The Journey Of A Custom Styrofoam Cup – From Foam To Dinner Table!

We have all used Styrofoam cups and yet, if someone asks us how manufacturers go about making it and customizing it, we would probably never be tell how. This blog is the perfect remedy to such a situation and it is going to illustrate how plastic cups come to be, adorning dinner tables and more at weddings, eateries, and other events.

The material is made from combining benzene and ethylene, which is then polymerized to make polystyrene, also known as Styrofoam.

Then comes the most important part of making personalized Styrofoam cups – customizing it to make it look good and serve its purpose. A Styrofoam cup could range from being just a logo to some quirky taglines and even colorful prints, depending on what the ultimate customer wants, and his branding strategy demands. This is the whole trajectory of how a custom Styrofoam cup finds its way all through the manufacturing process into the tables of ladies and gentlemen. Now let’s take a look at some of the qualities you should look for in manufacturers, when you order custom cups –

1. Ensure Quality

Make sure you check out a few samples before you commit to a company and have all their credentials checked out. Particularly important is to make sure that they are good with custom designs and can represent the actual vectors that you send them.

2. Timely Delivery Is A Must

If your custom cups aren’t delivered in time, there is no point of it. So, make sure that they have a timely delivery system that is not going to let you down when you need it the most. Also, while looking into the delivery question, check out what kind of charges they expect for bulk orders and decide likewise. There is no point paying a fortune for delivery, there will be many manufacturers who will give you the best deals on it.

3. Check Out Variety

Looking for Styrofoam cup manufacturers doesn’t mean you will never need printed paper cups and it is best for you to find someone who works with both. That way, no matter what your order entails, you will have a one stop shop at your disposal, when it comes to customized cups.

Now, you have a fair bit of knowledge into how plastic cups are made and personalized and what kind of characteristics need to be there in your manufacturer for you to completely trust it. So, if you have the need of custom foam cups, now is a time as good as any to get cracking and start ordering!


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