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Make Your Coffee Shop More Meet-Cute Friendly With This Marketing Strategy!

Make Your Coffee Shop More Meet-Cute Friendly With This Marketing Strategy!

If you are or your friend is a coffee shop owner, then you must be having tons of young people flocking in on a daily basis with individuals they like, be it friends, frenemies, exes, and the list can really stretch long. Coffee shops have long been a hotspot for young people and for souls who want to talk it out, spend some quality time and we are going to give you a fair idea of how you could turn it into a marketing thing.

You can implement this strategy with your private label coffee cups, bulk ordered and specially made to strike your sales figures (read the ball) out of the park. But, you must be wondering, what the whole gimmick is? Well, it’s not really a gimmick – but more of an ice breaker technique that the above kind of people could really need and appreciate. Let’s take a look!

The Ice-Breaker Cups

All you need to do to implement this new thing in your coffee shop is bulk order private label paper cups and plastic cups, and ask your manufacturer to print different types of quirky questions on them. Not all questions need to be safe and PG-13, and you might include some innuendos to get the unsaid mercury rising in your shop!

Here are some of the questions you could include:

  1. “Are you enjoying the date? If yes, then take a sip”
  2. “If you could have chocolate mousse cake any way you wanted, what would it be?”

And then, the couples, dates, friends, and others, who come in, can ask each other these questions and the answers could lead to better, more original conversations. Plus, you could also try questions that could steer boring dates or conversations into more interesting areas. All in all, these questions have to be fun, answerable, and not too risqué (because teenagers). If you want, you can always get a set of PG-13 only private label disposal cups and serve the below age people with those.

How Is It Going To Change Your Business?

In many ways actually. The game itself makes it a haven for young people on first dates, who want to have a fun time, but don’t want to ask the frisky questions, because that would be creepy. So, in essence, you would be breaking the ice for them and giving them the opportunity to enjoy a more uninhibited conversation.

Also, there will be some people who will have a good laugh about it (since they need to look cool when dating), but it would still make sales and that is what the whole plan is. Not just couples and people marked by cupid, but even friends could come in to play the game and order a few more rounds of coffee to see what else is there! Who knows, your coffee shop and customized private label cups might be the reason why some people realize that there is more to them than just friendship!

So, you should totally go ahead with this idea and introduce happy hour rates as well, so that people order more and keep the conversations going. Not only is this going to pick up your overall revenue, but also increase footfall during slow hours, because that is what happy hours are for! Try it now – there is no waiting in this game. Now that this blog is out there, someone already is.



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