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Napkin Variants To Choose From For Your First Investment

Napkin Variants To Choose From For Your First Investment

When you are looking for the best napkin type, it is important to remember that the raw material plays a big role in determining whether your offerings will be a sell out or be stacked at the store rack. Apart from this, aesthetic factors like prints and colors tops the list and will be equally crucial for it to be favorable to the clients. You can find custom dinner napkins at the online store of a popular wholesaler. If you need more help regarding the various types, read on for details.

One layer paper napkin

The one layer paper napkin is the most basic. These are available in lighter neutral shades are customizable. In most of the places, these napkins match the criteria of serviceability and factors like hygiene in places where there is a constant attendance of people.

Two layer tissue napkin

The two layer tissue napkin is softer, thicker and perfect size to be used for lunches and snacks. These are available in bright colors that adds to the aesthetic decoration of the establishment. These are also available in special printed designs.

Double point tissue

This is a two layered napkin which look like a singular napkin because these are joined by micro-points. This is an innovative production process as it allows the product to gain volume and softness. These are of intermediate product, in price and quality. Manufacturers mostly design these in bright and soft colors.

Find the best collection of custom cocktail napkins with logo at the online store of a sought after manufacturer. Here the creative experts can also help you pick from an array of sample designs that will definitely cater to your customers.

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