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Promoting Business On Custom Products – How NOT To Waste Your Money?

Promoting Business On Custom Products – How NOT To Waste Your Money?

So many businesses, even till this day in the digital marketing-dominant world, rely on custom items to promote their products and services. While as noble as this method is, it isn’t always effective; not necessarily because the promotional approach is poor – it’s just that their strategies and executions are flawed.

If you’re planning to market your own products this way, it’s important that you know how to optimize your investment. You must know how you get the most rewards from your efforts. Now, this is possible only if you know how to do things correctly. But moreover, you must know how to avoid the silly mistakes.

Coming straight to the point, when promoting your business on custom items, here are 5 ways to prevent yourself from wasting the money:

1. Don’t Do It Because Your Competitors Are Doing It

Your competitors are a great source to learn from. However, when you start following them blindly, your loss often becomes imminent. It’s important that you only take those of their strategies that fit your own requirements and goals. If you see your competitors promoting their business through wrist watches and you’re trying to do the same without any second thought, you’re basically losing your money.

Always bring your own unique thought process – because your business goals are unique.

2. Investing In Costly Products

Yes, the rewards are relatively higher when you’re promoting your products or services on high-end custom items. Not always but often. However, this approach only fits for selected types of businesses who have done the planning part exceptionally well. They are always sure that the return on their investment will always be more. However, if you’re a small business owner who lacks effective plan and experience, trying to market your brand on costly items, it could turn fatal for you.

So, when starting, when with a limited budget, always stick to tried and tested items, which include the likes personalized cold cups.

3. Going With The Cliched And Expected Message

Your custom promotional item must carry the right message in order to create the right impression on the audience and drive from them the desired action. But sadly, many businesses, in lack of original ideas, go with cliched messages. One of the most common ones is fitness-related businesses trying their hands at personalized t-shirts. Majority of them go with same-old quotes like “go big or go hard”.

A lot also depends on the promotional item you’re using. Depending on your need and the kind of product you’re marketing, it must have enough surface to carry your message. Also, the item must be flexible enough to be easily personalized. This is one of the foremost reasons why plastic cold cups are still one of the go-to promotional items for small and large business owners around the world. The plastic and even paper cold cups can easily be customized exactly according to your need. Besides, they are uber cheap and super effective, given their high utility.

4. Having No Real Purpose Behind The Campaign

What’s the reason you want to use custom promotional items to market your product in the first place – this is the single most important question that majority of business owners never ask. Behind your campaign, there must be a definite purpose and progressive goals. What do you want to achieve? Because unless you know where to hit, you will always miss.

So, before investing any cent of your money here, make sure you’re fully aware of the kind of returns you want.

5. Executing The Strategy Poorly

Pulling successful campaign such as this one requires thorough planning and data-driven decisions. You must have proper strategies – and you must know how to execute them swiftly. Say, if you’re using personalized cold cups to market your brand, offering them to those who aren’t even your prospective customer is a complete waste of money. Providing them to your existing customers would turn up to be equally ineffective if average retention rate in your industry is low.

Meaning, it’s imperative that you spend a good amount of time to plan your campaign. Sure, things won’t be perfect. But you must ensure your efforts are as close to perfect as they can be.

So, save yourself from all the unnecessary costs. Don’t waste your money. Take the right steps and make the most out of your promotional campaigns.



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