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The Secret Power Of Customized Cups – And How To Use It?

The Secret Power Of Customized Cups – And How To Use It?

Eateries, event managers, wedding planners, and tonnes of other people who arrange for food catering are working all day and night to get their business cards into people’s pockets and their numbers on speed dial. However, most of that never happens and even if it does, it happens in the case of very few people. But, that doesn’t mean there is no hack, tip, or trick to get past this jinx and actually achieve the goal of being on people’s minds and phones – of course you have to be good at your job first, but then what else? How can your catering or eatery business become a thing that people can easily associate to? Let’s find out!


With the help of this unique and affordable superpower, not only can you get your vitals on everybody’s hands but also do your job better! Want to know how? Order cheap custom cups from reputed online manufacturers and use well the power that comes with it. Don’t forget each of these cups will be your messenger and pass on your details to more prospective customers. Therefore, carefully decide what you want to put in those cups and how you want to modify them from the manufacturer.

Use a couple of different variations

Don’t just get one type of custom cup for the whole event. Print a few and add the name and contacts of your company on it. Then go for color variations and serve different kinds of drinks in different colored cups. Something neutral and sophisticated for the hard liquor people and colorful for the cocktail and fruit punch people. You can also try the heat and cold color changing cups for carbonated or hot beverages, if those are on the menu.

Make sure you have a few beverage counters

When custom cups are part of your elaborate business marketing plan, it would definitely help if you add a few beverage counters and make it easy for people to pop on one closer to them rather than make circles of the whole event. Also, you don’t want overcrowding on one bar counter as that is definitely going to make your job of creating a lasting impression much harder.

Now, let’s look at why custom coffee cups and other kind of glasses, make the impact that they do from a marketing point of view –

  1. They are very easy to get your hands on. It is their easy availability that makes such a difference when you print the idea or logo along with the name and contact of your catering business. One of the only items that has almost a 100 per cent reach when it comes to getting into customer hands, no doubt this is being considered a marketing genius of sorts.
  2. They are exciting and varied. Not the kind of stuff that looks very similar but rather something that is very much varied and will probably stroke the interest of most people. When you have colorful cups served with different kinds of drinks, many will think of trying them all to know what color serves what. It becomes a funny game of sorts and is intriguing for people attending the event.

Now that you know what the superpower is, how to use it, and why it makes such an impact, why wait anymore? Gear up now and get customized cups in bulk for your next catering endeavour. Are you ready?



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