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Some Of The Advantages Of Using Premium Pet Cups

Some Of The Advantages Of Using Premium Pet Cups

Are you looking for custom printed pet cups to offer your customers? Or do you want to promote your brand for a promotional event. Don’t’ worry because one of the popular suppliers is here to help you with your bulk needs.

There are many advantages to using the PET cups. These are premium, durable and are perfect for using in events as the manufacturer assures you a great quality which is at par with the industry standards. Therefore, read on the blog below to know more about the advantages.

Beautiful & universal

The great transparency and the shiny surface offers a special charm and lend the PET-packaging a sophisticated image. The new labelling solutions offered by the supplier with double-sided printed labels give the bottle an outstanding beauty. The flexible production process permits a nearly unlimited diversity of design. In particular the machine and mould technology employed by suppliers, offers a universal design with minimal mould costs.


Up to 90% weight reduction, compared to glass! Therefor a more economical transportation can be achieved. Better mechanical qualities gives a weight reduction compared to PE- and PP-bottles. In contrast with extrusion blow moulding no material is wasted during the PET-production process.

Product safety

Because of the outstanding material qualities, PET-containers are virtually unbreakable. This results no fractures while filling, transporting and use. Even with a damage, there no injuries can be caused by splinter parts. PET gives an optimal protection to all consumers.   As compared to other plastic materials, PET shows a very high gas – barrier resistance. The loss of CO2 as well as the penetration of O2 into the filling good can be minimized with the use of PET. These are only a view reasons why PET as a packaging material has prevailed strongly into the packaging marked.

Get the finest quality of custom pet cups from a renowned supplier offering cool variants that you cannot afford to miss! The manufacturer offers customization service wherein you can tweak and incorporate brand logo or other fonts in the cups to make it more appealing. Therefore, contact the customer care team to make your investment.

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