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Why Styrofoam Cups Should Be Your Retail Store Brand Ambassador?

Why Styrofoam Cups Should Be Your Retail Store Brand Ambassador?

Are you a retail store owner with a café corner and every daily use item one could think of?

Well, then we have proposition for you. And, don’t worry even if you aren’t; nothing we tell you here is going to be a waste of time. We promise!

So, you know how teenagers like to party and need cups to pour their “fruit punch” during parties? If you bulk order personalized Styrofoam cups wholesale from manufacturers with your store logo printed on it, guess where that’s going to take you? Into personalized advertising of your store.

Now every time some young guy or girl comes to buy a bunch of cups for their party, you will have a chance of creating a brand for yourself.

Also, we have for you a few more ideas that are going to help you equally, if not more.

First: Create A Logo Of Your Store

By getting a store logo you created, you make something that people can easily identify. Our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

This is why having a logo of your brand, store, or retail shop is essential to use this disposable foam cups as your brand ambassador!

Second: Add A Catchy Tagline

The logo serves a better purpose with a catchy tagline. It doesn’t have to be great, or philosophical, or epiphany – just plain old catchy!
It’s this message that might become your store’s connection with its customers. In the long run it will definitely make a difference.

Third: Best Rates On Styrofoam Cups

Since by now you have totally branded your cups, give them at a discount so that more people come and get it from you. It doesn’t hurt if you are a bit lenient with the price tag at the beginning as blanketing your target audience is more important.

Lend your ears retailers (a small tip): Bulk buying from wholesale Styrofoam cups manufacturers will let you save quite a lot. This way, you will easily make profit and sell more of your logo branded Styrofoam cups.

Fourth: Don’t Forget To Get Them In A Mix Of Colors

Parties often have different glasses for different fruit punches; that way, getting a mix of popular colors will increase your demand and sale.

Also, a dash of vibrant hues is also good.

Now, that we have given you this brilliant idea of making your retail store more prominent and popular using something as basic as cups, what are you still waiting for?

Order your custom cups and logo today, to start the process after selecting a wholesale cup manufacturer of repute! And for the non-retail owners, as we promised, we hope we haven’t got you bored. Plus, it could also work for you if you tweak it according to the needs of your business!




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