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Things To Keep In Check when Getting Your Personalized Cups!

Things To Keep In Check when Getting Your Personalized Cups!

Many of us today use custom cups in various events for different purposes ranging from marketing and branding, to just trying to make things a little better. Now, getting plastic cups wholesale customized isn’t that much of a problem. There are in fact, plenty of custom cup service providers swarming all over the internet, ready to make different designs on all types, from Styrofoam to plastic!

But, when you do order the customization, how much of the process should be in your hand? Should you leave all of it to chance, or are there specific things that you should look into in order to make sure that the deliverables you get are impeccable? Doing the latter is always better since you control more of the outcome. So, this blog lists a few things you should definitely control in order to have personalized plastic cups that look attractive and interesting!

1. Colors That You Need

When ordering personalized plastic and Styrofoam cups, make sure you order colors according to the occasion that you need the cups for. For example, if it is for a wedding, make sure it goes with the color theme of the event and has it mixed well with white and the choicest color. On the other hand, if someone wants cups for a rock concert or something funkier, they should go for neon colors that stand out!

No matter what the occasion for your obsession in custom made cups, it should show in your choice of shade.

2. Fonts That Suit The Event

If the cups are required for a music concert food stall, then something as formal and simple as Times New Roman isn’t going to make it. A perfect font for a fitness expo cup and a comic con cup will not be the same and you need to understand that. If you choose the right font to print on your cups then it will resonate the mood of the event and people will be more likely to feel thrilled about it. But, on the other hand, if the match isn’t anywhere near perfect and the cups look out of place, then most guests would rather choose plain plastic cups over printed ones.

3. The Logo Dilemma

If it’s a big event, then you should probably go the extra mile and get something made by a graphic designer to serve as a logo or emblem of the event. Otherwise, you can try to ideate something on your own and send it to the manufacturer for perfection. Logos become colorful and exciting pictorial representation and let everyone get an idea of the events celebration and/ or theme!

If you keep these 3 things under your control, then your custom printed plastic cups are more likely to be the product you want. Otherwise, you might end up getting delivered with something you cannot connect your event with and the whole plan will go to the dumps with you having made quite a hole in your pocket!



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