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Things Your Custom Plastic Cups Could Say On Your Behalf!

Things Your Custom Plastic Cups Could Say On Your Behalf!

Owning a restaurant can be a very tough ordeal and in the name of customer service, not being able to say things you want to can take a toll on you and make you feel burnt out. However, this is just a situation and can easily be overcome if you think with your quirky side a bit and make things sound more fun rather than what they mean. In today’s time, people gobble up truth and insults in the name of comedy, and we are just telling you get more creative and quirky (unless of course it is a comedy themed restaurant and then you can go absolutely berserk).

However, the question is how to make it happen and should your modus operandi be? Well, as suggestive as the title is, things are pretty clear, aren’t they? The answer to all that comedy and quirkiness lies in custom plastic cups! What’s more is that these cups are extremely easy to get from customized manufacturers and adds a fun element to your guest’s dining experience which is definitely something they will start looking forward to from the next time onwards. Now let’s take a look at what you can make your cups say, to bring a smile, laugh, or giggle to your customers’ faces and ensure a growth chart of your restaurant at the same time!

1. “If we could be twice young and twice old we could correct all our mistakes” – Euripides

Some wisdom for the young people who come to your restaurant for a birthday celebration won’t hurt anyone. Sure, they will celebrate and have a gala time, but they will also remember these lines for years to come, while all you have to do is walk up to them, smile, and wish them a very happy birthday. And not just young people, this customized dialogue printed on plastic cups will strike the chord with many from young adults to the elders (obviously not children). It’s a really great idea and your cup (by extension, you) get to play the voice of reason in the person’s and his/ her birthday troops’ lives. You never know, it might be an epiphanic experience for them.

2. “Alcohol maybe man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy” – Frank Sinatra

If alcohol was a famous quote that could intoxicate listeners, this would be it. People love to and need to let loose every now and then and why shouldn’t you encourage them to a healthy degree. Put in this quote on a batch of your personalized plastic cups and start serving drinks at the bar with this one. Once you see how the public reacts to it, start serving the tables as well, unless of course they have ordered champagne or wine in which case don’t bring a plastic cup in the vicinity of their table. Remember to make the cup look as fun as it promises to be, and you can even use a vector image of the man himself, just to make the poison more potent when drunk.

3. “One bite and all your dreams will come true.” – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Making someone feel hungry is a lot different from feeling hungry and that is exactly what goes wrong with most quirky taglines on plastic cups. But, this rather treacherous specimen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is deceivingly appetizing for your customers. Just make sure that you have the cooking chops to match it up and your diners are going to come in and gulp down wine and relish food like never before. An ideal situation for both the parties!

4. “Why so serious?” – Joker, The Dark Knight

A hauntingly beautiful moment in the movie for any cinephile, this line would bring a smile to those who visit your restaurant alone and are having their food all by themselves. Cheer them up with a complimentary soda in a customized plastic cup printed with the quote above and experience the joy rising from their gut as they give you a beaming smile and if you are lucky, probably a thumb up review on a food app. Wouldn’t that be a pleasant surprise!

5. “Never trust a Silent Kid…They are Always up to something!”

This one’s an anonymous inclusion and it would always ring true for anyone with a child. Whenever you see a family or parent come in with a little guy or girl, this is the kind of customized printed plastic cup you should serve the child in. Not only is it going to keep your crockery safe, it also brings a familiar smile to the grown ups’ faces and they feel a connect with the restaurant!

All of these quotes are rather unique things to print on plastic cups wholesale and not a lot pf people around the world are doing in the restaurant business. It looks like a good area to capitalize and is going to help your eatery’s growth chart in the long run, that is if the food is up to the mark!



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