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What Kind Of Plastic Cups Are Safe To Use At Eateries?

What Kind Of Plastic Cups Are Safe To Use At Eateries?

Plastic cups are almost indispensable in eateries that have a lot of customers coming in and out throughout the day. However, not all kind of plastic cups are safe, and one should know what kind is safer to use. This way, they ensure that their customers stay healthier and they too can keep their food away from any ill-effects. This blog tells a layman how to understand what kind of plastic to go for, because, let’s face it, people are always talking about big scientific terms, but that doesn’t really help the every day guy, does it?

Here’s a look at some of the qualities of safe plastic that can be used with food –

1. The Thicker The Better

Thick plastic material has higher density, which means that there no fear of it leaching into food material. High density plastic cups are close to opaque, but they are not really cost effective and will increase the price of food and beverages a little too much. However, they are one of the most recyclable plastic cups there is and most programs ready accept it and they don’t actually go on to degrade the environment. While you could get these from custom printed plastic cups wholesale, it is unlikely that your business profits will go up since they cost far too much to keep the soft drinks cheap!

2. Clear Plastic Is Good For Food

This on the other hand is on a different level of cost effectiveness for the food business. It is clear in color and will feel like medium density when you touch it; just like the ones you normally get in everyday eateries. These should be kept away from extreme heat and that makes it safe for having beverages in.

3. Don’t Use PVC Cups

PVC plastic is something that one should always steer clear from. It might be recyclable, but it is extremely unsafe for any kind of food or beverage use. In fact, prolonged use of pvc cups could also have adverse effects on the health, making you more vulnerable over time.

These are 3 important things that eatery owners should keep in mind when they order promotional plastic cups from custom makers. In fact, if someone feels like it, a good alternative to PVC plastic cup use is to go for custom paper cups. Paper cups have almost no adverse health effects in any case and are biodegradable. Below listed are some of the advantages of paper cups and why it might be the right choice –

1. They Keep The Customers And Nature Healthy

Which is a rare thing – most things that are beneficial to humans, degrade the nature in some or the other way. But not paper cups; these cups are healthy for the environment and for you in the long run. There is no scare of chemicals and leaching, and its biodegradable nature just makes it easier to be disposed at any time.

2. Cost Effective

Paper cups aren’t really an imposition on your pocket and are as cost effective as plastic cups. On the bright side, they have none of the side effects that PVC types of plastic have, when it comes to food and edible industry. Also, these too are very design friendly and almost all the designs that plastic cups can work with, are very easily done with paper cups as well.

3. Different Variety

Like plastic cups, paper cups too have varieties that are specifically made for certain types of consistencies and temperature. So, if you are willing to go the paper way, there is no need to think that it will not be just as effective.

Both plastic and paper have its unique advantages and you could go either way, depending on your budget. However, it is of vital importance that you stick to the safe types and make sure that you don’t go for plastic or paper cups that aren’t up to the mark and are actually bad for your customer’s health. This is a commitment you will have to show in order to get your eatery business’ true due and become very popular as a restaurant of work ethic.



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