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Which Are The Best Cups To Use For Your Establishment?

Which Are The Best Cups To Use For Your Establishment?

From purposeful to practical, disposable cups come in a range of shades, sizes, styles, and materials. Nevertheless, with all the choices out there, how do you know what kind of cup is correct for you? To make things less confusing we will discuss one cup in particular, printed pet cups.


PET means polyethylene terephthalate. Part of the polyester fam, it is used to create synthetic fibers as well as beverage and food containers. Products made with PET are lightweight and are capable of blocking moisture, solvents, and gases. They are also impact-resistant and strong. Products made from PET can also be recycled. 

Flexible, heavy-duty cups have a medium wall construction that bends but still stays crack-resistant. Featuring crystal clarity for a posh look, PET plastic cups are transparent, crack-resistant first-rate plastic cups. PET plastic cups are available in a range of styles, sizes, and shapes, nevertheless, they are to be used just with cold beverages, therefore restricting your service choices. Polystyrene cups come in a broad range of shades, making them an ideal pick for catered events and parties.

A cheap choice for daily beverage service, thin wall cups are made of enduring polypropylene material for a lower cost substitute to Pet clear plastic cups. These cups are crack-resistant and have a translucent look, amazing for serving cold drinks at your high-volume fast food venue. 

Customized cups

Not seeing a shade or design that seems to fit your establishment’s style? Some kinds of disposable cups provide a choice of customization. This lets you add a personal touch to your disposable items, allowing you to show your establishment’s logo and name for increased, effective advertising. Customizable choices are available with select plastic cups and select foam drinking cups. Proudly endorse your business with these available personalization features. 


So you’ve planned on a design and style for your establishment’s hot cups and cold cups. Now what? To offer your customer every convenience possible, you’ll wish to have a few items on hand to balance your disposable cups.

Lids are necessary to help make sure that your customers’ beverages don’t spill. 

If you serve hot beverages at your establishment, then you might also want to take into consideration ordering coffee cup sleeves. 

Don’t miss the coffee stirrers to go with your hot cups. 

You’ll also want to ensure you never run out of drinking straws.

So, get custom printed pet cups in bulk for your establishment from a well-known supplier by placing orders now!

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