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Which Is The More Biodegradable Choice For Disposable Cups: Paper Or Foam

Which Is The More Biodegradable Choice For Disposable Cups: Paper Or Foam

If you are like us, you would guess a paper cup is much more environmental than its wicked step-sibling, the foam cup. Nevertheless, in many situations, a foam cup is an eco-friendlier choice. The majority of people right away think the paper is more eco-conscious as it is biodegradable, but to be honest, the majority of paper cups meant for hot drinks are not biodegradable. Here is a quick synopsis of the two competitors.


If you’re worried about making the recyclable pick between the two, foam wins on several fronts. Unless you’re using a recyclable paper cup, there are a few aspects to think about. A regular paper cup takes more than two decades to decompose in a landfill surrounding. This is chiefly because of the wax lining on the interior of the cup. The hip paper cup also takes more energy, money and raw material to make. For instance, in comparison to foam, a paper cup needs 12 times the amount of water, 36 times the amount of energy and costs double the amount of price to manufacture. Appalling, we know.


A foam cup insulates much better than paper. Simply fill up both cups with a hot beverage and hold them in your hands. The foam cup will be cool to hold, whilst the paper cup radiates the hot beverage inside the cup. The solution to the paper cup issue? Incorporate more paper. Paper cup users are slipping on cardboard sleeves to aid hold the paper cup without being scalded. The most common place this incident has become the norm is in coffee shops. Whilst the majority of hot-cup sleeves are made from cast-off materials and are biodegradable, it is still an extra item to a basic foam cup.

Speaking of expense, the regular paper cup costs around two and a half times the price of a foam cup. Apart from the manufacturing of the cup, if you add the cardboard sleeve and its manufacturing, raw material, electricity, and shipping requirements, you need to pitch in few more extra cents for each cup.

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