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Why Are Brand Slogans Important On Custom Cups? The Real Truth!

Why Are Brand Slogans Important On Custom Cups? The Real Truth!

When you talk about branding disposable cups, you have to think of a couple of things. To start with, there is the color and font pattern, the logo, the cup type, and the likes. All these things factor in a lot to how your attempt at marketing your brand will be appreciated.

However, there is often one thing that people miss out – and that’s the brand slogan. But, what is the point of the slogan and its importance? Want to find out? Let’s take a look –

1. It’s What Rings The Bell

Catchy tunes or words stick on for a long time and ring a bell whenever you hear/read it later – and that’s what your brand slogan would do for you. Slogans add that factor of familiarity even when things go to the back of the mind (your target audience is always bombarded with a lot of options every day) and that is why it is important that you have a gripping one on your cold water cup collection.

If it is something that sticks, then you are going to make quite the impression on your potential as well as prospective customers– something that is going to last beyond their everyday memory!

2. Slogans Bring More Sense To Your Brand

If just logos mattered, then half of the brands that are famous now would not be it. Slogans are equally important because it adds value to your brand image. If your logo is that of an anchor, people would just think that it had something to do with the sea.

However, that is not always the case and you can use the anchor as a metaphor for so many other things – one being strength. This is exactly where the slogan dives in to save the day and create the right brand image for your business. Without its presence, people would just interpret your logo with different things, so why let your audience play the guessing game, how you plan to deliver the best to your customers, say it loud and clear.

3. They Allow More Creative Surface Area

When you just go creative on the logo, you have one place to try your creativity. On the other hand, slogans allow one more place for you to represent the brand in anyway you like. You can go funny, hard-hitting, quirky or to-the-point; just ensure its catchy! Go slapstick or out of the blue- the choice is completely yours.

If you look at it with scrutinizing eyes, features like your brand’s logo and slogan on the wholesale cold water cup are like adding different shades of your brand personality. If you do it right, the thing is going to grow on its own and become so much better – and that is what you should be looking to achieve.

Now that you know the importance of slogans on cold paper cups, what are you still waiting for? Get it done now! Hire some professionals if you want a balanced approach at writing it. Otherwise, try your own hand – you never know what clicks when, and who can better express your brand than you!


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