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Why Customization Makes Frosted Cups Amazing?

Why Customization Makes Frosted Cups Amazing?

If plastic cups were a brethren then frosted cups would be the coolest cousin of them all who came in town for parties and had a wild time because that is how it likes to roll! Regular plastic cups come transparent and Styrofoam cups come opaque with their base color – from a very aesthetic and design point of view, none of these conditions are very good for customizations; or probably as good as frosted cups are.

A frost flex cup manufacturer makes these cups a hybrid between transparent and opaque bodies by giving it the frosting that makes it look uber cool and gives it such a good opportunity to become the best kind of plastic cup. Now, let’s take a look at why customizations make these cups so awesome that most of the times you see custom plastic cups, it’s frosted cups that gets the opportunity!

1. They Look Aesthetic

When you add a tagline or a cool picture on a frosted cup, it looks really cool. Whether you are pouring beer or soda, these cups are a style statement in itself. No more of the boring and generic paper and plastic cups once you have tasted your poison at a party in a frosted customized cup.

2. Perfect For Social Media Posts

Are you a foodie or an Instagram enthusiast who loves to make posts that look like they are right out of a food photographer’s album? Then personalized frost flex cups are your best friend because of how their texture plays with the light and gives your social media pictures a glow you have not experienced before.

3. Perfect For Weddings

The thing that makes custom printed frosted wedding cups perfect for any conjugal ceremony is because of how good it looks when you customize it with printed romantic photos of the couples to make the day and everything else about the people in question. It is such a perfect wedding fit that most outdoor weddings ask caterers to for these kinds of cups and compliment the theme even better.

4. The Ultimate Birthday Party Surprise

Imagine if one orders customized printed cups for someone’s birthday and prints a happy picture of them on the frosted cups to be used on their birthdays along with a logo and a tagline, wishing them the best for the year to come. It would totally make them super happy and the biggest compliment is that everyone who will drink at the party will be holding a cup with his / her picture on it. If this isn’t what teen movies are made of, then it’s hard to say what does!

Looking back at all the points above, it has become clear why people go gaga over custom frosted plastic cups. If you need your batch too, contact a custom manufacturer and tell them your ideas to get the best frost cups that you have always wanted.



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