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Why You Need Custom Cold Cups For Your Bar Or Mocktail Joint?

Why You Need Custom Cold Cups For Your Bar Or Mocktail Joint?

Do you own a bar/mocktail joint? If yes, then you should stay hooked to this space, because there is some info coming that might be of benefit to you. Bars and mocktail joints have to focus on the right kind of glasses to make sure that the drink they have made is served right, and that can often lead to collateral damages. So how does one go around that?

The answer is custom cold cups – these plastic cups come in different sizes and are a wonderful fit for joints like this. But will the customers accept it over other glasses? Yes, if you make it interesting enough –

Let’s find out how.

1. Try Compliments, It Always Pleases

If you print your cold cups with a string of flattering compliments and write from your heart, then with a bit of the right poison, it will feel ecstatic for your customers. In does not have to be in your face, it could be something subtle and motivating too, if that is more your style. And surely enough, your customers will not complain about the cold beverage cups instead of glasses, because they get so much more out of the experience.

2. The Drinker Level Cocktails

We all know that some cocktails are a bit more poisonous than others and you could make it into a sort of game when it comes to your bar marketing. You could make red cups for the intensely fiery ones, blue for the lesser fiery ones, and green plastic disposable cups for the mild ones. Now, the next time your customers come at your bar, it will kind of be a teller as to what kind of a drinker someone is – no judgement though, some people just have more fun!

3. The Glitter Cups

Want to serve champagne or classy drinks in plastic cups? Introduce something that is worth the glamour – try embellished glitter disposable cups for serving bubbly and some of the customers might like it. However, in this case, it is best if you ask the customer their vessel of choice before hand – because some people might not like being served 100 dollar drinks in plastic cups, while others can be a bit more on the adventure side of the spectrum.

4. Tall Drinks For Hammered People

If people who like to drink were to be served to their hearts content, then you would need the tall cold paper cups to make them happy. And that is what you need – give discounts on the biggest servings of drinks and your regulars will never see you the same way – and love you eternally. Because why not make people happy, just because they need a little more than others to be so?

These are the 4 solid marketing reasons why you need cold disposable cups on your serving table. Now, what are you waiting for? Look for a custom cup manufacturer and get on with your orders right now!

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