March 27, 2023

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Order Best Quality Cups for Your Business Needs

CustaCup’s custom hot cup sleeves are one of the most popular to-go drink ware because they are durable, affordable, reusable, and versatile. Cup sleeves can be found at parties, sporting events, conferences, conventions and various community events. Increase your brand awareness and extend brand reach with custom cup sleeves.

Custom coffee sleeves can add glitz and glamour to your wedding, concession stand, church event, or any type of business or occasion! All of our cases are 100% recyclable and compostable. It also features an on-trend waffle texture for added support. Our goal is to bring you the highest quality custom coffee cups at an affordable price. Send us custom coffee sleeve artwork for your company or event!

A custom coffee sleeve is a great way to market your brand and add a little fun to your plain white coffee mug. Get your coffee sleeve printed with your logo or design. We also offer covers in a variety of cup sizes.

Coffee sleeves allow coffee houses, fast food restaurants, and other vendors to avoid double cups, the practice of nesting two (or more) paper cups to serve a single hot beverage. Our Coffee sleeves are the perfect way to keep your customers’ hands warm while enjoying their favorite hot beverage. You can easily order a coffee sleeve cover with a special message.

CustaCup manufactures high-quality printed and non-printed hot coffee mug sleeves for sale in the USA. Custom hot cup sleeves protect the drinker’s hands from hot coffee. Our coffee sleeves are usually made from textured cardboard (also known as kraft paper), which is hard and the best in quality. Coffee sleeves allow coffee shops, fast food restaurants, and other vendors to avoid double cupping.

Let us help you create your own custom coffee sleeves to promote your business. Coffee sleeves are a great way to improve the grip on your cup and protect your customers’ hands from heat. Coffee, tea, and specialty beverages are often enjoyed on the go, so using these custom coffee mug sleeves is an easy way to let them know about your business.

Not only Coffee sleeves but CustaCup also introduced custom guest towels. Add a touch of personality to your home or event with our personalized guest towels. Customize your guest towels with colors, fonts, designs, materials, and more with CustaCup!

Custom guest towels are perfect for any event. Browse designs for birthday parties, holiday parties, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Bar Mitzvahs, graduations, and more. – Design personalized guest towels, large or small, as an easy way to add a unique theme to your next celebration.

Browse our wide range of wholesale coffee sleeves on CustaCup to find the perfect drinkware for your needs. To achieve maximum cost efficiency, we recommend an MOQ of 5000 per order. We also accept initial orders for small lots as trial orders. Type “custom hot cup sleeves near me” and contact us for wholesale orders.



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